What it’s really like to live on the coast.

The dream of rugged coastlines, romantic walks on the beach whenever the fancy takes hold, integrating with the locals, and snacking on pasties and cream teas every weekend are the desires of many. But is the reality of living by the coast anywhere close to the dream? It was my fantasy for about 20 years … Continue reading What it’s really like to live on the coast.

Teignmouth’s fascinating history you probably didn’t know

Teignmouth circa 1840 I adore my town. There is so much to do and see, and there is always something going on, even in the winter when the majority of the tourists have gone: we Teignmouthians know how to have a good time. And it seems this place has always been a hub of activity. … Continue reading Teignmouth’s fascinating history you probably didn’t know

Protest: Teignmouth begrudges the sludge.

It was a heartwarming sight to see over 100 Teignmouth residents out in force tonight to oppose the dumping of marine silt and sludge from Exmouth marina. The Teignmouth Post and BBC Spotlight were present to record the event. Super banners were being brandished with slogans such as 'we begrudge the sludge' to 'save our … Continue reading Protest: Teignmouth begrudges the sludge.

The secrets of Cardiff National Museum

Yesterday we visited Cardiff, it was a flying visit and we found ourselves with only one hour available for the National Museum. So, we decided just to visit the art gallery as there was a DaVinci exhibition on. This got us excited - but my goodness, we weren't prepared for the rest of the exhibits. … Continue reading The secrets of Cardiff National Museum

Save Teignmouth beach!

visitsouthdevon.co.uk You may remember the environmental travesty last year on Teignmouth beach: thick, black sludge covered the whole of front beach for days and days. This unsightly and more than likely toxic debris arrived as a result of the Marine Management Organisation granting a licence for dredging silt from Exmouth Marina and dumping it at … Continue reading Save Teignmouth beach!

Swishing – the cure for fast fashion?

Fast fashion is a contemporary term used by retailers for the rapid updating of trends and clothing available in shops and online. We are urged to buy buy buy the must have latest look for this month, even week, but what is the real price of this constant consumerism? While the majority of us love clothes … Continue reading Swishing – the cure for fast fashion?