5 apps that can help you live a more sustainable life (and they’re free!)

Being eco-friendly isn’t always easy. But with a little help from technology we can make small improvements everyday, and we all know, it’s the little things that can make the biggest difference.

Here are 5 apps that can make a huge difference to creating a more sustainable life – and they happen to be free, saving both the plant, and your hard earned dosh!

  1. Refil.org – this nifty little app lets you know all the water stations nearby, including restaurants and cafes etc that will let you refill your reusable water bottle for free! Amazing! It works all over Britain and there are even a few on mainland Europe!

2. Happy Cow.net – this seriously cool app can be used all over the world. It tells you all of the vegan restaurants near your location. And you can search areas to so you can plan in advance. Winner.

3. Too good to go – this app is similar to ones that are very popular in Scandinavia. Simply download, search for restaurants that have excess food which they haven’t sold but which is too good to throw out. You go to the premises and collect your ‘magic bag’ for a much reduced fee. With 1/3 of all food produced going into landfill, this is something that we should get on board with!

4. Olio – is an ingenious app where you and your neighbours, local restaurants and cafes can give away their unwanted food. For example, if you’re about to go on holiday and have food which will spoil before your return, or you have bought a bag of onions and only need one, Olio to the rescue! Advertise what you have and someone will come and take it off your hands!

5. Ecosia – While technically not an app, Ecosia can change the word massively. It is a search engine that plants trees with all of its profits! They run all of their servers on 100% renewable energy AND every search request removes 1kg of C02 from the atmosphere! Amazing – all you need to do is use Ecosia to search instead of the usual search engines and you are helping to save the world one click at a time! Definitely saved the best ’till last!

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