Teignmouth, say ‘NO’!

If you haven’t seen the front page of today’s Teignmouth Post, it’s about the black sludge from Exmouth. Tonnes of it are going to be deposited at Sprey Point for the next 10 years. As I outlined in yesterday’s blog, the impact to the environment and tourism is vast.

There is a campaign to block the dumping licence, urging the Marine Management Organisation to find another way to dispose of the waste. Part of this campaign is a protest on Monday evening in town, organised by the group ‘Teignmouth Residents for the Environment‘.
Apparently Spotlight are interested and may come down with a crew. Let’s give them a good Teignmouth show!
The more people that are there, the more our voices will be heard and the more chance we have of protecting our town, our beach and our sea.
Please spread the word.

Monday 25th Feb at 6.30pm.
Outside the Pavilions
Your families, dogs, surf boards, oars, anything that shows we use the sea and beach regularly.
If you can’t bring any of that don’t worry, just being there to make up the numbers of protest is greatly needed.

The consultation deadline is March 4th, and councillors are urging as many people as possible to make their views known to the MMO. You can do this by emailing: marine.consents@marinemanagement.org.uk quoting the case reference L/2017/00034/1

3 thoughts on “Teignmouth, say ‘NO’!

  1. Surely it’s self abuse!!! Teignmouth knows that its a tourist town so they know this will have a negative impact on the town’s main income. Why would they even consider it??? (And that ignoring the needs of all the locals, families and fishermen, sports activists etc)

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    1. Thanks for your reply Karen – I know, it is ludicrous that we have to fight against our own government officials to keep our beaches clean! Think of the businesses that would be affected by the loss of trade, the reputation we will get for our ‘dirty beaches’! Why can everyone see it but the people making the decision?! Or maybe they can but they don’t care?


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