The secrets of Cardiff National Museum

Yesterday we visited Cardiff, it was a flying visit and we found ourselves with only one hour available for the National Museum. So, we decided just to visit the art gallery as there was a DaVinci exhibition on. This got us excited – but my goodness, we weren’t prepared for the rest of the exhibits.

Wandering through the gallery, which was relatively empty (we always try to visit galleries at the end of the day as they are almost deserted then) I turned a corner and stood still, confused with what was right in front of me. Was that a Monet? And another right by its side? And another, and another? Yes it was. I stood alone, right next to the pastel masterpiece and got rather emotional. I think it was the unexpectedness of it, as well of course, of the beauty and mastery of the piece. Then I saw a Van Gogh, Botticelli’s Virgin adoring Child and a wonderfully disconcerting Francis Bacon. What a collection! I was blown away!

I enjoy art, but I don’t profess to know a lot about it, however, I’m certain that many other museums would be shouting from the roof tops if they held such a collection as this. I’m sure anywhere else I’d have to queue for hours to see such delights. But not in Wales. Wales has an understated confidence in itself.

I also discovered Kyffin Williams – really stunning, bold landscapes that I could have stared at for hours.

Well done, Cardiff. I can’t wait to visit again and see the rest of the museum. If the gallery is anything to go by I should be in for a real treat!

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