Teachers, just say ‘no’.

The school holidays. Nothing brings teachers and students across the world as much joy as those two words! Everyone works hard, I’m not disputing that, and I’m not suggesting that teachers are the hardest workers in the world…but they’re close I reckon.

There were stats doing the rounds a few years ago about teachers making 1500 educational decisions everyday. I’m not sure where it comes from, but it seems pretty accurate to me. We teach 100s of kids everyday, we have break and lunch duty, kids stop us in the corridors, we deal with staff and parents, we run after-school clubs. We mark assessments, grade mock papers, plan for the week ahead, provide emotional support and constantly reflect to improve our practice. It’s a constant juggle. And we love it. But it’s exhausting!

Every teacher out there treasures the holidays. But with this blessed week comes the pressure to make the most of it. Live every second like it’s your last and all that baloney. This holiday I’m going to practice the art of saying ‘no’. Only simple, minimal decisions for me this week.

I’ll have some adventures, catch up with friends, ye know, the heart warming stuff. Nothing more. If I don’t want to do something, I won’t. And I won’t feel guilty about it. And I urge teachers all over the world to join me. We give our souls over to the public during term time. But not this week!

It’s our week of freedom.

Now, where’s the gin?!

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